Tapeworms – Symptoms and Treatments of Tapeworms in Dogs

The most common tapeworm infection in canines and felines in North America is the Dipylidium caninum. Tapeworm is very transmittable and also can be passed through the feces, by eating uncooked meat or via the pet dog ingesting a flea contaminated with tapeworm larvae while grooming themselves (see Getting Rid of Fleas for more details on flea control and prevention).

Tapeworms are flatworms that can grow up to 28 inches in length although they are much more typically between 4 as well as ten inches long. Their bodies are composed of lots of small area called proglottids that can break off as the worm grows. Proglottids consist of eggs and also when the outer covering dries, it divides to launch the eggs right into the atmosphere. These are after that seen in the feces or crawling around the pet’s anus, looking much like grains of rice. It is a typical means to diagnosis the invasion and most individuals are not aware of the trouble up until they see the proglottids.

Since the proglottids transfer the eggs out of the dogs, the eggs do not wind up in the feces like many kinds of worms. This indicates that veterinarians are unable to diagnosis an infection by the common microscopic evaluation and also should rely on proprietors to recognize the issue.

The physical signs and symptoms of a tapeworm infection are usually tough to observe as well. Weight loss might accompany a heavy problem and also some pets will certainly become lethargic.

Luckily, there is a low incident of tapeworm infections being moved from a pet to a human however, it is not a difficult circumstance (human infestations are more frequently caused by consuming undercooked meat that is contaminated). It would certainly be needed to consume the tapeworm eggs either from swallowing an infected flea or from handling and then consuming the eggs with their fecal matter. Both are extremely uncommon occurrences and as lengthy as you wash your hands after tidying up after your dog, the chance of infection is slim to none.

Tapeworms infections are dealt with the prescription medicine Drontal which is effective in killing all the major roundworm and also tapeworms. It is a well-tolerated drug by many dogs as well as can be administered also if no proglottids have actually been seen but the veterinarian suspects a tapeworm infection due to unusual weight reduction in the pet dog.’

The very best ways to prevent a tapeworm infection in your dog are managing flea invasions, tidying up well after your family pet specifically in playgrounds or parks where kids might be playing, maintain your youngsters out of areas where there could be feces as well as for



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