How to Grill a T Bone Steak

Think of that last T bone steak you ate. Chances are excellent that it was mouth-watering, juicy, had fantastic flavor and kept you full for hours.

In fact, there’s no meal more filling than a good huge T bone steak with a baked potato, another veggie, and a salad! There’s hardly room for desert. Remarkably, numerous expensive chefs leave the baked potato off the plate and report that the T bone steak with a vegetable such as green beans or asparagus is plenty for a meal, although the majority of chefs will also add a little supper roll with butter and perhaps a dessert of one type or another.

Does it take long to learn? What are the potential mistakes while barbecuing? The process is actually not that challenging, and the steps are really comparable whether you choose to grill the T bone on a charcoal grill, electric grill, in a frying pan or in the broiler.

Assemble What You’ll Need
A chef without the correct tools resembles a fish without water. To grill a T bone steak, you’ll require a T bone steak or 2, your grill of option, long-handled tongs, and a meat thermometer.

After collecting these easy tools, consider the other foods you’ll consume with the T bone and how the T bone steak will taste: For a smoke flavor, you’ll need wood chips, pellets, chunks or sticks. The minimal amount of taste ought to be salt and pepper, and if you want bursts of flavor in an easy way, utilize a salt mill to grind coarse salt and a pepper mill for grinding fresh peppercorns. If you’re trying to find the greatest flavor, include mesquite wood chips or hickory.

Next, Fire Up the Grill
In this step, you do what males do best: fire up the grill. Get it going, no matter what! Nobody likes to wait on hours for a meal! In the meantime, provide your guests a little beer or red wine to keep them delighted.

Start the Food Preparation
If you focus all your efforts on the steak, you’ll be scratching your head while looking at the plate questioning what to serve with it! Seriously however, fresh vegetables or sautéed vegetables are chosen.

Now think about this for a minute: if you start preparing the steak and after that choose the veggies while it’s cooking, how are you going to concentrate on two things simultaneously. The steak will burn however you’ll have terrific sautéed veggies. Offer the veggie department some severe thought prior to you begin cooking the steak.

When preparing a T bone steak, remember that steaks 1-1/2 in thick should be on a rack 4 inches over the heat. Enable about 2 to 3 minutes per side for rare doneness. Serve the steaks on a heated plate.

These are the simple fundamental truths about how to barbecue a T bone steak! Grab a beverage and get cooking!



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